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Aditya Tawatia PREC

Choosing a real estate professional should be a decision based on a proven track record, a stellar reputation and the comfort of a strong relationship. Aditya has a reputation for excellence & knowledge. He strives to provide you with intelligent and innovative solutions in today’s challenging real estate market. He works closely with companies and individuals to offer a broad spectrum of services in commercial, residential, and land assembly realty.


With over a decade of experience in the Greater Vancouver market, Aditya has helped hundreds of homeowners list their property and buy their next home. His extensive market knowledge proves to be an invaluable asset in times of constant change, a concept he addresses in Harpreet Singh Show.


Aditya’s connections extend well past Residential real estate, and he has consulted on many commercial deals in the past. Most recently he was involved in the sale of over two hundred lots in Kelowna for a master planned community development. His methodical approach to these…

Land Assembly

Aditya’s vision and passion for challenge inevitably led him into the exciting field of land assembly, where contiguous residential homes are sold together to a developer to build townhomes or apartments on. The primary plans he is currently working in are the Marpole Community Plan and…

Real Estate Articles & News

General Land Assembly Overview

You may have heard the term land assembly growing in popularity over the last decade, especially in conversations about Vancouver real estate. Assembling multiple neighbouring homes to build a denser development on the combined lot is not a new concept, but has been growing in viability as buildable land becomes scarcer in Vancouver. The city has been pushed to densify to meet demand for …